Convention Center Completion Project

Convention Center Completion Project
March Stakeholders Newsletter

The Spokane Public Facilities District Board and staff are looking forward to seeing presentations from the teams competing in the Convention Center Completion Design Build Project in the coming weeks.

The three Design-Build finalists, Garco/ALSC/LMN, Lydig/Integrus and YLK/JV/Bernardo Wills/tvsdesign are developing their formal designs, construction ideas and cost proposals to add 90,000 square feet of exhibit hall, meeting room and support space to the existing Convention Center. The firms’ proposals will also include design elements to improve the adjacent Centennial Trail, public open spaces and the riverbank.

The teams have been working on their plans since mid-January and completed their first round of proprietary meetings with the District’s Project Committee in February. The second and final proprietary meetings are set for March 13-15. These private sessions are designed to allow the finalists to gather as much specific project information as possible to use in their final proposals.

Other significant dates for the Convention Center Completion Project include:

  • April 10 ---Design Build Proposals due
  • April 11 ---D-B team interviews
  • April 18 ---Public open house to view the final proposals and designs
  • April 23 ---Final Design Build team selection
  • Summer 2013---Construction begins

Work is also moving forward on various aspects of the Spokane River shoreline portion of the project. The City of Spokane says its shoreline permit application is complete with the public comment period ending on Monday, March 18, 2013. The City’s Planning and Building Department as well as the Design Review Committee will also weigh in on the final plans. A Joint Aquatic Resources Permit from the State of Washington will also likely be required in order to complete the proposed shoreline work.

The Convention Center Completion Project and the shoreline enhancements were overwhelmingly approved by Spokane County voters in April 2012. Improving the seating in the Spokane Arena was also included. The District is finalizing its Arena plans and will begin those upgrades this summer.