Analyzing the Convention Center Exhibit Hall Construction

C.H. Johnson Consulting, Inc. conducted an analysis to calculate, evaluate and present the economic impact associated with existing Spokane Convention Center. This is the second part of a two-phase study to measure the Convention Center's fiscal impact and to determine the amount of Incremental Sales Tax payable to the City of Spokane.

The economic and fiscal impacts presented in this report rely on industry trends, aggregated event performance, and current market data.

Download Impact Study Report here. (pdf 1mb)

Economic Impact Study

2010 study completed by ERA and EWU Institute for
Public Policy and Economic Analysis


  1. The Report was prepared by EWU's Institute for Public Policy and Economic Analysis based on intercept surveys carried out by Strategic Research Associates over 12 months ending in January 2010.
  2. Economic Impact of District events was $173M for the study period resulting in employment of 2,300 people.
  3. Total State and local taxes generated were $6.4M with $3.1M going directly to the State of Washington. (The State sales tax rebate was $2.3M for the same period – a 25% return)
Download the complete Economic Study Executive Summary here.(pdf, 480kb)